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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Logo A Century at Fenway
"Boston Red Sox - A Century at Fenway"

2013 World Series Champions
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Quick Facts:

  • Founded: 1901
  • Stadium: Fenway Park
  • Owner(s): John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino
  • General Manager: Ben Cherington
  • Manager: John Farrell
  • Team Mascot: "Wally the Green Monster", named after the left field wall Green Monster
  • Team Motto(s): "Believe", "Keep The Faith"
  • Longest Winning Streak: 15 games (April 24, 1946 - May 10, 1946)

More Panoramics:

100th Opening Day
"100th Opening Day" - April 13, 2012
Two Good to be True - 2007 World Series
"Two Good To Be True" - 2007 World Series Game 1
2008 Ring Ceremony
"2008 Ring Ceremony"
2007 World Series
"First Pitch - 2007 World Series - Game 1"
2007 World Series
"2007 World Series Champions"
with Signatures
2007 ALCS Champions
"2007 ALCS Champions"
A Day to Remember
"A Day to Remember"
World Series Ring Ceremony
2004 World Series
"2004 World Series"
86 Years and Worth the Wait
"86 Years & Worth the Wait"

Red Sox - Keep the Faith
"Keep The Faith"
Red Sox - Un-four-gettable

The Green Monster
"The Green Monster"
All-Century Players
"All-Century Players"

Rivalry at Fenway
"Rivalry at Fenway"
Strike 1
"Strike 1"

About the Red Sox

Massachusetts native Rob Arra's familiarity with Boston's storied Fenway Park can be seen in the great collection of Boston Red Sox stadium panoramics shown here.

From the fabled The Green Monster, the iconic left field wall, to the classic All Century Players Rob Arra and his photographic crew capture the essence of Fenway Park with these memorable stadium panoramics.

In 2004 they were there as the Boston Red Sox faced the New York Yankees, defeating the Yankees in a hard-fought and often bitter match-up. Rivalry at Fenway defines this moment (and one of the longest rivalries in baseball), as the Sox face the Yanks at home in Fenway Park.

From the opening ceremonies depicted in 2004 World Series, to the Series culmination in 86 Years and Worth the Wait Rob Arra and his photographic crew recall the memorable moments of the 2004 World Series, as the Red Sox sweep the St. Louis Cardinals in four games. The magnificent stadium panoramic Un-Four-Gettable is offered, complete with facsimile signatures of the on-field players and two inset photographs showing the on-field celebrations -- a must-have for Red Sox Nation members, wherever they may be.